This is a one-day-only online auction, from 11th midnight to 12th midnight ET (this could be +24h  depending on your timezome).

Enter the exhibition



  • 1- Enter the exhibition in the Virtual Room
  • 2-Navigate the Virtual Room and find the artwork(s) you like.
  • 3- Hold your mouse/finger on the picture. You will see an info tab appear next to the artwork.
  • 4- Click the tab. The link BID NOW will appear. You will be re-directed on ArtPrice.
  • 5-Place your bid!

*** Please enable fullscreen view clicking on the top left menu ***


Ehi, what about a donation in cryptocurrency?

While you are waiting to bid, you may want to help us with a donation. Thank you.

You can donate in: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin CASH (BCH), Dai (DAI), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), USD Coin (USDC).

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